So Low [10s3p 6368 200kv]

Thing is amazing. Its a 10s3p battery with a single 6368 200kv motor. Only have around a half inch or less of clearance. Pushing it with a ebay esc for now. Just happy to finally have my first board, went the DIY route to get the most out of my money. :smiley:


Clean build but the clearance is really bad. but single motor and that too is low. That destroys the purpose of ur wheels.

It works though, just uh gotta be smooooth ground. Im planning on getting 110mm slickrevolution wheels or 7in air tires. The case is also thick hard plastic and not the thing cheaper stuff so it can take some hits. Everythings also mounted to the board itself with velcro tape. Im in the middle of making a bash guard/wire guard for the motor. The motor mount itself currently protects the motor from hitting the ground by a smidge.

your motor mount is too low

Only way it’ll fit. Forward hits the case. Uprite doesn’t work with the belt. So backwards and level it is. It has a half inch of clearence like the case. I just can’t hit curbs or bumps and have to avoid gravel patches. Im gonna get bigger wheels to fix the clearence issue.

Get bigger wheels and some tunnel risers, perfect for giving your motor mounts the extra space they need :+1:

What do you mean? Those are boardnamics mounts and can be reverse mounted higher…

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As nice as it is to topmount your trucks, I would not in this case. Use a riser and bottom mount. Adjust your motor mount, and you will be much better off. Being careful is not always possible and you WILL have issues with the clearance.

Just don’t get the SR wheels, those are just horible.

It has to do with the deck shape. The tail of the board would connect with the motor itself.

I could top mount it and gain some room with being able to swing the motor higher up. I kinda just want bigger air tires though.

What’s wrong with them? I thought they were pretty well reviewed.

My deck is similar to yours and I don’t have much problem mounting it higher


They are really really hard and also can become slippery easy.

I had mine top mounted because the boards a double drop. I switched it to bottom mounted and it’s way better. I was able to adjust it up with out hitting the deck.