So many red and black wires!

Before I start asking any questions im going to put down my (desired) first build below. Maybe you guys can find something wrong with it. (Might be missing stuff)

MOTOR: 1x OllinBoardCo OM5065-200kv Sensored Motor

MOTOR MOUNT: I’m broke so this im diying

BELT, PULLIES, AND DRIVE HUB: Enertion’s 12mm kit

TRUCKS: Caliber II Trucks

WHEELS & BEARINGS: Some cheap fly wheel knockoff’s I found on Amazon

CONTROLLER: This Wii Nunchuck.

BOARD: Loaded Bamboo Vanguard (Yes i know its pricey, but i bought a NEW one at a garage sale for 20 bucks)

BATTARIES: 2x in series Turnigy nano-tech 5000mah 3S 25~50C Lipo

VESC: Ben Vedder’s one on DIY’s

CHARGER + THIS CHARGE LEAD: Turnigy Accucel-6 50W 6A Balancer/Charger / Twin pack charge lead (2 x 3S)6S w/ XT60

Alright. Done with that. Soooo now some questions.

So my wiring set up is going to look something like this (if it works):

(the batteries are 3s not 6s, same for the charger)

Where the yellow (and pink box that was supposed to be yellow on the top left corner) are, aren’t they supposed to be XT-60’s?

Do I have so solder those into a XT-60 where the the red circles are?

Also, can i leave the charger connected to the board so when i have to charge the board, so i can just plug in the laptop power supply cable?

Thank you so much!

Yeah those can be XT-60s cause they are only having the load of a single 3s battery going through them. But I would suggest using a BMS instead of having a balancing charger attached to the board. Firstly a BMS ill do all the things that the 12s changer you have but make this job alot simpler. I have a bms on my board and once did too consider attaching a charger like you to the board. Anyways looks good but a BMS would be better.

OH also one more advantage to using a BMS is that the BMS protects your batteries from over discharging when they go dead.

You may want to re-think your motor choice or up the voltage

Hit some calculations here

Then window shop on this thread

And lets see if you make some changes

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If your looking for a relatively cheap build I wouldn’t even bother with a BMS, instead just be smart with your batteries, and don’t drop below their correct voltage. As for putting a charger on the board, the balancing chargers are relatively big and you have to press a few buttons to charge, on top of that they aren’t exactly meant to handle the banging and vibrations that an e-board makes. All I can say with your wiring is make sure that your 2 3S to 6s converter is connected right. One of the 3s ports is the negative battery side and the other positive. Make sure this correlates with the wires that are going to the VESC

The enertion drivehubs require you to modify your truck hanger, they need a longer axle than standard. Can be done with some elbow grease or you can buy enertions truck which should come pre-modified.

Thanks for all the help guys!.

@Michaelinvegas whats wrong with the motor i chose (not being snarky im just curious as of why :D)? Honestly the only reason i chose those is because the sk3 245kv’s are never in stock. Also, how do i output higher voltages? Do i put them in parallel?

@Iceni yeah i saw a video of a guy doing that to their trucks on Enertion’s page. I was like wtf! Thank though, ill switch them up today.

they don’t have to be anything. they can just be soldered directly, no need for connectors really.

I think that motor is going to work out great! But yeah, you probably will not use the motors to their full potential…

The kv is too low… Ur gonna go like 12 mph…unless that’s what u want …and yes Honby King is always back ordered …welcome to the club…

:frowning: Damit Hobby king. I did some calculations with the blog post you posted and CalcRC and I got different results.

When i was making my list I was going off CalcRc without keeping mind of the efficiency. I think I’m going to go with two 6s’s instead of two 3’s to make have a total of 12s. That way I can get this:

Do boosted boards have bms’s instead of your typical charger? Or am confusing it with something else?

Right now VESC and @torqueboards and @LEVer have ESCs that can handle 12s…

I’m waiting on an alternative 12s Esc and will test that out

Come on at least do a little research first. And to answer your question yes it does but seriously dont waste people’s time asking questions you could just simply google. If you cant find what your looking for then ask your question. Btw I dont mean to come off rude but you could have just looked it up yourself.

Here is a link to the bms I use with my lipos It works good but it is expensive. Also he is the link to the charger I use for it

Also here is a diagram someone made to help me hook up the balance connectors of the battery to the bms. (btw i didnt make this pic i just dont recall who made it). This pick is helpful to me when I was hooking up my lipos cause I was using premade lipos for hobbyking that were in a series.

It make seem intimidating but it is surprisingly simple if you find some tutorials on how to hook up a bms.

Overall, a bms is great for charging on the go cause all you need is your charger. It is also really light and protects your batteries for over charging and over discharging. It is not entirely necessary though if you just monitor you batteries and use a balance charger. The only down side to the balance charger is that you have to open up your board and it is not ideal or practical for charging on the go. Also a bms plus the charger is expensive compared to just the balance charger. Anyways hope this helps you make your decision on how you will put together our board.

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FYI, ebay has the wheels for 5 dollars less.

They have every color i believe.

Yeah those are some really good wheels! It stick to the ground really well when turning.

I’ll make sure to get those instead! Thanks!