So many Spare parts new and used

Need to clear out some space. some of these parts have just been sitting a box I’m sure others can find better uses them.

Prices are flexible especially if you take multiples. or eeryt Shipping from Los Angeles. I’ll ship anywhere but you pay for the cost. Usps flat rate: $7-12 (US) Aus($35)

$3 each - belts polybelt 9mm 265mm - amertric 15mm 300/280 (all new)

$20 - 1 x DIY kegel pulley 9mm wide 36t with hardware/washer (slightly used)

$35 for pair - Paris trucks (used lightly)

$25 for pair - Randal clone trucks 180mm (used) wheels not included but if you want em +$5 for the set.

This one has a few things: $20 - Quanum rc remote tx/rx (new no box) $60 - hk 120A xcar beast esc + led programmer xt90/4mm bullets/pet wire wraped silicone wires. (tested) $40 each x2 - sk3 149kv 6374 all spare parts and 1 box. (failed see next pic)

Both failed after 1-3 months of riding. Torque is amazing but 1 m3 screw broke/stuck. easy fix if you have more tools/patience than i do.

//Update! items below have been -------- Sold! ------

$8 each - 2x motor pulley. HTD5 18T 16mm wide alu. 2 m4 set screws @ 90deg. 8mm bore. made in us by BNB manufacturing (new) $3 each - 4 x motor pulley. HTD5 15T alu. 16mm wide 2 set screws @ 90deg. 8mm bore. ebay +tool and extra set screw (new) $10 For all - 3d printed flywheel pulleys new and used htd5 40t x4 42t x1. pla. tpe. petg. new/used

pm offers and location. I can also add 3d printed kegel/flywheels pulleys in pla/petg $10 each.


Would you be willing to ship 2 motor pulleys and belts to the UK?



Do you know what caused the SK3s to fail? Or maybe I read your post wrong.

@Khaleel pm’d you.

The screws seemed to loosen with regular use. this caused wobble in the can and snapped off one of the heads. once the broken screw is removed. you can replace them with stainless hardware and red loctite.

bumb… :sunglasses:

I’ll take 2 9mm 265

Btw I got that tacon removed yesterday with a screw remover and cleaned up if u ever need it