So one of my Raptors 6355 r spec motors shorted out on me today

I decided to ride at South beach in Miami it was a 4.6mile trail buy a good 2 miles of it is on cobblestone, by the end of my ride I was getting strange sounds under accelerations but still working ok. I take my board out once again when I get home and all is well till I hit a bump after I can only brake.

My left motor seems to be shorted, should I replace both? What are my options @longhairedboy seems to be out of stock.

you can pick up a couple of 6355 turnigy motors on hobbyking

edit: scratch that they only have the 260kv version right now :frowning:

I got them in stock at - immediate shipping.

Do you have sensored 6355 190 kV in stock too? @okp

Unik looks like a euro company so shipping is gona be expensive and long. I’m in the US. Are DIY 6355 motors good quality? They say it has a 6365 stator in it but I don’t mind paying more for better quality

no sensored, only sensorless. Shipping to US is around 22 euros. Take the VAT Excl. price.

im assuming i will need to replace both motors because i wont find an exact enertion copy but that leaves me with an extra working motor, im wondering if i should make a single motor board with my extra motor, extra vesc and extra battery. i have a few decks i would just need to buy trucks, motor mount, pulley kit and controller.

What’s the the behavior of the shorted motor? Have you considered trying to fix it? If it’s anything like my problem it can be rectified:

I had an R-Spec short on me just two weeks ago. I opened it up (it’s soooo easy!!!) and heat-shrinked the phase wires and it works perfectly now. You should do the same.

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I had the same issue last week, took the motors apart, heatshrinked the remaining cable. Rode great! UNTIL I hit a rough bit of ground again. Seems like wire moved in the can and shorted again. Yes I can epoxy it (which I have done) but now I just have no confidence in it. I worry that at speeds it will just short and brake hard. I ended up buying new motors from torqueboards.

I contacted enertion ( @onloop ) to get their opinion on how to fix correctly (yes there are other posts) but I wanted to get it straight from them. There support response was basically tough luck. Which was pretty annoying seeing as the issue was a manufacturing fault and not one I did PLUS I wasn’t asking them to replace it, but just a bit of guidance as to how it should be fixed. Again I know that there are other posts explaining how it is fixed but after it shorted for the second time after I repaired it, I wanted to make sure that It was the right way to do it.

Hmm I took apart the motor and could not find an issue with the phase wires I put heat shrink on it and nothing so I’m assuming the short is somewhere in the winding.

I’m going to replace the motors but I was thinking of going with torque boards 218mm trucks and buying dual 6374 for the raptor. Would there be any negatives other than Cost? Like decreased range or top end? Is it even worth it.

Got my 6355 motors from torque boards just in time for the hurricane, they run really well I just havnt connected the hall sensors yet because I don’t have the adaptors yet

is that a 9mm setup?

Yes 9mm set up with Enertion pullies

I do notice under full throttle from a low speed I hear a clicking sound it may be the Belts maybe I need 12mm I’m pretty heavy