So... um, lawn mowers?

This is gonna sound dumb, but anyone else own a honda self propelled mower, and also have some 10" 5bolt pneumatics laying around(like mbs/trampa 5 bolt pattern)

totally need a internal gear drive to bolt to the nummies to replace the plastic shits with nice tires and raise my mow height for my fescue lawn… lol.


Methanol, you know it needs meth to get the swathe looking just so right?

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Lol I thought this post was going a different direction, talking about putting blades on esk8. Disappoint.


I think the long term plan here is to make a hybrid esk8 lawnmower & get paid to ride all over the neighborhood lawns while gettin paid


My first thought when reading this was you’re doing a pimp-my-ride project…for a lawnmower.

Eh, no big deal, weirder things have been done.

Maybe find solid tyres that will fit over them and some how fix them to old ones. That would be the easiest way then you wouldn’t have to line up the drive dogs and ring gear.