SoCal Outlaw Series

Esk8 Socal Outlaw Series This is a 5 race series with one throw out race. Highest points wins Champion for the respective division. Tracks will be tuned for a 25mph top speed “Short Track”

Divisions : Pro Urethane : any urethane wheel, any make/model board (no rubber)

Pro Rubber : any rubber construct wheel, any make/model board

Purse $ divided 60/40 - rubber/urethane

Race Format
Qualifying : each competitor will have a rolling start - green, white, checkered clocked, fastest of two laps is your qualifying time.

Heat races : 3 laps groups of 4 sorted by qualifying times, begining with fast time on the pole position and sorted back from qualifying times into two rows Pole position sets a slow rolling pace, race is started when the green flag drops. (a rolling start)

Main Events : 4 laps groups of 6 determined by heat race finish position, all heat race ties broken by qualifying times. mains will be sorted A, B, C. The C main will start first and the top two will transfer to the B. Top two from the B will transfer to the A.

Points : awarded from main events only : 1=100pts, 2=90pts, 3=85pts, 4=80pts 5=79pts, 6=78pts, 7=77pts and on down. In order to recieve points you must attempt to start your main event.

Max 30 entries, first come first served. Sign-in from 7:30am to 8:30am. If you are not in line by 8 am, you are a spectator. $20 entry and waiver signature, all monies go to the podium.

Full face helmet required - no exceptions.

Schedule :

Race 1 Sept 22 Completed

Race 2 Oct 6 completed

Race 3 Oct 20 Complete

Race 4 Nov 3 location Dropped pin Near San Bernardino County, CA

Race 5 Nov 17 location TBA


SOS Race #1 in the books

Urethane Class Main event:

P1) Lei Qisheng (Q 17.27) Psychotiller Mastercarve

P2) Matthew Carroll (Q19.12) Psychotiller Mastercarve

P3) Dash Seiffer (Q 17.67) DIY Evo single

Rubber Class Main event:

P1) Jason Lucier (Q 14.20) Stooge Raceboard

P2) Lei Qisheng (Q 14.86) DIY

P3) Matthew Carroll (Q 16.31) Psychotiller

P4) Jacob Skorupski (Q 15.30) DIY

Blood and guts went to Jack. Knees and elbow pads buddy👍.


Race#2 Oct 6 “The Wash” come race this Legendary Spot #Esk8SOS 1902 English St 1902 English St, Santa Ana, CA 92706

The spot

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Video I threw together of SOS Race two. Enjoy

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Race#3 Back in Torrence Oct 20

Torrance Torrance, CA 90505

RACE 3 Main Event Results

Thane Class: P1) Louis Gutierrez. (Q) 17.01
P2) Jason Lucier (Q) 16.19 P3) Lei Qisheng. (Q) 16.54

Rubber Class :

P1)Brandon Torgerson. (Q) 14.15 P2) Lei Qisheng. (Q). 14.40 P3) Mario Chacon. (Q) 14.65 P4). Jacob Skorupski. (Q) 14.64 P5). Parker Shoaff. (Q) 16.94 P6). Jason Lucier. (Q) 14.59 P7) Art Zuniga. (Q). 18.95

Points Rubber: as of Race 3 1 Jason Lucier. 268 2. Lei Qisheng. 257 3. Jacob Skorupski. 239 4. Brandon Torgerson. 200 5. Mario Chacon. 163 6. Art Zuniga. 152 7. Matt Carrol. 90 8. Sawyer Reynolds. 85 9 Mike Arzamendi. 80. 10 Parker Shoaff. 79 11. Jeremy Chavez. 76.

Points Thane: as of Race3

  1. Lei Qisheng. 185
  2. Louis Gutierrez. 100
  3. Matt Carrol 90
  4. Jason Lucier. 90
  5. Dash Seiffer. 85

Pics by @Mikenopolis

RACE#4. Dry lake. Nov 3 $15.00 per car load park fee. Meet up parking lot at 09:30, on The dirt around 10:00 Dropped pin Near San Bernardino County, CA IMG_20191028_065704_941

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SOS race5 Nov17. Sign ins 7:30-8:30 Points Series awards following race events over Lunch. Points from your best 4 of 5 races.

Torrance, CA 90505

Looking fwd to the 2020 season. Had a good time with the SOS series. SoCal riders progressed to a formidable group that will rival all comers. We had production boards batteling DIY and some surprisingly fast competitive Urethane Racing which was very entertaining to watch. We had @psychotiller, Lazyrolling, Riptide Sports and Skate The Wedge support for both points Series along with cash payouts for podiums in both classes at every event. Race format and rules were kept simple. We ran qualifying, heat races and Mains. The racing started around 9am and we had checkered flag and podium before lunch. A quick hit and git on a borrowed surface with no shut downs. The fast and furious group will continue to grow but 2020 will be with an emphasis on an entry level class.

The “Bomber Class” will have a qualifying time Cut-Off limit to seperate itself from the “Pro Class.”

A portable transponder loop timing system is a goal for this season.

The Objective for 2020 is to have a place to develop your raceboarding skill and equipment. Success with SOS19 showed us that Raceboarding can be done from the back of your car for a couple of grand in equipment. As grass roots as it gets.

Would like to see more manufacturers getting involved backing riders. 2020 schedule, “in the works”

Any input, potential race spots, format changes or thoughts are appreciated :checkered_flag:

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