Soft all train wheel suggestion needed

winter is coming to canada. So I need a set of wheels that can run on wet or frozen road.
I saw the rubber wheel on ebay or mbs wheels. not sure if any goods.

any suggestion is welcome.

I have a set of Psychotillers six shooters coming soon and thought about buying an extra set of tires and tubes and putting studs in them for snow and ice. This could be an option although not cheap. A small price to pay to extend the esk8 season up here in the great white north eh.

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it’s too high for me…:disappointed_relieved: I can actually buy evolve set locally but that’s 320 as well

Ya that is high too :frowning:

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This is actually #1 in my list. but just not sure performance in wet flat land. it’s thand afterall

Are you in the US?

canada toronto why?

What size are your axles?

9.5"Avenue 10"caliber

So your axles are 8mm. I would suggest looking at other forums for used evolve wheels. If that doesnt work you can use MBS hubs, tires and tubes from Amazon, 3d printed wheel pulleys and Special bearings to make the hubs fit on 8mm trucks. Still about $250.

very valid option. thanks!