Sofu S3 | HAYA | 12S4P VTC6 + Modular Holders | Surf Rodz RKP 200mm | Maytech 6880 190kv | Unity | FeatherRemote | 18-20:33 100mm

could you add pic of how you routed the phase wires for the unity? did you have to make cut some of the wood? also where did you mount the power switch? loving the g bomb brackets! keep it up.


I routed it exactly as you see there in the last pic. I have a modified boosted riser between the gbomb bracket and deck in the back. It’s got built in cable routing, just had to cut a bit more for more phase wires allowance.

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And so it begins image



Good thing they’re going in a battery pack


Looking forward to the ride experience. G bombs have always piqued my interest. Great build this!!


I am always surprised when we see a build that seems new and interesting. Congrats! It looks amazing. Can’t wait to see more.

47" as of right now… :grimacing: Hopefully it’ll have a unique ride feel!

This build is looking good. :ok_hand: Is in my ballpark! You, Q.v. Huynh and me, are the only ones in this forum (that I’m aware off) attempting mounting bracket builds. I like that type of reasoning. You find a good all-in 1 integrated enclosure deck yourself with 0° horizontal mounting holes, add some nice mounting brackets of your liking, some good old fatty wheels and a couple trucks to play them along with the brackets and wish all comes nice and easy with the feel and ride, hopefully.

The idea is to gain some real estate with the brackets extending the wheel base under your feet with the trucks positioned further ahead & back getting a sizable longboard out of a compact short deck. LDP world coming to Esk8!!

Make sure those G | Bomb brackets are the right choice, remember the trucks like to behave differently under those. Normally, depending on the angle, the truck swivel incredibly side to side, thus the pumping. They may become incredibly lose and not suitable for our needs. So, lots of trial and testing with those.

Q.v. Huynh’s own bracketed Predator Banshee… :point_down:

My own @257 custom made brackets… :point_down:

In our case, we opted for 0° horizontal brackets instead your typical LDP bent angled brackets. Angled brackets are more for pumping so theres some risk there. Testing is the key. Is an unexplored territory.


Cells fishpapered, heatshrinked, and test fitted. 1 more hour until the rest of the modules finish printing!image image image image


Still waiting on my haya to show up :slight_smile:


Still stuck in pre shipment at USPS. Love to see it. :upside_down_face:

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I’m really liking the G-Bombs on the board. I’m seriously thinking of getting some as well. I have TB DD’s and TB 110 wheels that I plan on installing when TB ships them (Pre-Ordered already). @Sofu looking forward to the finished pictures. Thanks so much for the build log :slight_smile:


Some updates! Worked throughout the night with @Winfly with Mindhunters playing in the background and got pretty far!





Bonus cat


The compression holders fit perfectly. We’re on the home stretch now…


It looks awesome :heart_eyes:

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This grill wanted to align all the prints in an alternating pattern on the vtc6 cus I gave her clear heat shrink. :man_facepalming:


ya but turned out nice didn’t it :wink:


How are you connecting the p groups? Is it modular?

it’s not strictly modular, it takes effort to take everything apart. pgroups are connected by braid

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Shouldn’t you be sealing the balance wires away from the shell of the cells? I don’t know myself but it seems like an extra step that should be taken

The cells are shrink wrapped with thick heatshrink, it’s just transparent. The wires are also spaced by the holders which have wire routes to run them through, so I think it should be ok…

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Ah ok, my bad :slight_smile:

I would just hate for a work of art like this to burn down :sob::sob::sob: