Sofu S3 | HAYA | 12S4P VTC6 + Modular Holders | Surf Rodz RKP 200mm | Maytech 6880 190kv | Unity | FeatherRemote | 18-20:33 100mm

Hi guys, first time doing a build thread for one of my builds. I’ve done a couple builds before but nothing really worth documenting, so here goes the first one hopefully worth documenting…

Parts list:

  • HAYA from @bevilacqua sold to me by @uigiroux
  • 12s4p VTC6 pack made using @Winfly’s modular cell holders, customized for HAYA by the man himself
  • Surf Rodz rkp 200mm
  • Boa 100mm white
  • G|Bomb SDF and DD
  • Mounts from @marcmt88
  • Press fit truck mounts from @lrdesigns
  • FOCbox Unity from @onloop, @Deodand, & co
  • Bestech d140 BMS
  • FeatherRemote with advanced receiver from @StefanMe
  • Bright white and red 12v LED strip lights from some generic Amazon brand

Got almost all the parts I’m going to use, so here are some pictures:

And a video of the module:

With the brackets and truck parts installed:

Note that these are temporary wheels until Boa (Jed) sorts out their wheel supply issue :roll_eyes:

Motors are also temporary until I get my 6880s from @FranciscoV

Started to route wiring:

More to come!


Mañana girl! This is gonna be a sickass board :drooling_face:


That’s looooooooooong And oddly cool! A unique build indeed

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love those Gbombs


I’m in. That’s gonna be a sick board ! VTC6, that’s no joke !

7 euros/cell. That’s 340 euros of cells ! I was thinking of going either 30Q or VTC5A for half the price.


Yeah vtc5a all the way if you need hight discharge cells.

The vtc6 has a capacity loss of around 10% after 50 charge cycles.


5,95€ VTC6 @ nkon aswell. Prob is even cheaper

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47" as of right now… :grimacing: Hopefully it’ll have a unique ride feel!

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I went vtc6 because I can get a 12s4p for $200 USD haha otherwise all my other stuff is 30q and sanyo


Sick looks :+1:


I have read that too but I think the biggest variant of that test and real world application is you will never and should never draw 15A continuous for that long especially when you have 4+p. And drawing to 2.5V and 80C is insane. If you are at that battery voltage and temperature you should consider double stacking your battery. But I will still say that 30Q does retain more capacity just not as much at 5-6% in that test in 50 cycles. Many of us use, 3.3/3v cutoff or 3/2.8v cutoff. So I wouldn’t be concern about the capacity difference that much unless that’s your only board and you ride everyday til it dries.

Bought those VTC6 from the jehu sale $700 for 200 unwrapped and unused cells. I got a bunch so if anyone wants some and don’t wanna get 200pop, I can sell them to you.


That’s true. Just wanted to point out that the extra price for the vtc6 (if you buy them regular) over cells like 30q is in my eyes not worth it to pay. As @sofu choose them because it’s more cheap to get for her, I think there is nothing to say about the choice.


yeah gave her a good deal. actually haven’t sum up how much it cost but anyways here are the cell holders atm. image

she wants to bring it tmr so tonight is gona be a long night. not like both of us sleep before 3-4am regularly anyways.


I assume located in the US? :stuck_out_tongue:

well I’m in SF and shipping cells international is a nono. Sorry.

here’s the link, you can ask him if they ship oversea but doubted. they are located in SoCal.

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Yeah i know :smiley: just never hurts to ask

I had posted the link to the GB a while back, im glad to see someone acted on it as i know i would have loved to if i was still stateside

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they accidentally shipped me an extra box so that’s why I’m being so generous LOL. could probably just sell them but gotta share the free stuff right?


What a nice accident to have! Consider me extra Jealous


Awesome build

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Small update: mounted power button and charge port on the front. wrapping and installing cells tonight, hopefully have something rideable by the morning!