[SOLD] 10" Gullwing Sidewinder Trucks

Good condition Gullwing Sidewinder 10" trucks, few mounting marks on baseplate but otherwise no issues.

$45 shipped


can you mount Caliber mounts onto this?

Considering the shape is different, doubtful, but with enough ingenuity Iā€™m sure anything is possible


Will these fit the evolve at kit ?

@mynamesmatt you would need paris style mounts for gullwing. Caliber are much bigger and are d shaped @MannyM0E no the back truck would need to have a longer stepped axle. Evolve trucks are double kingpin, not much more expensive and will definitely fit the evolve at kit


You can put a supercarve hanger on a sidewinder baseplate to fit the evolve AT kit and also get readily available motor mount(s) from evolve or unik if you aim for larger motors I believe.

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@MannyM0E These are double kingpin like the evolve trucks. Some people, myself included, use these with the evolve gen 2 axles that are wider than the gen 3 (latest evolve gen).


Hey, how much could you ship these to the uk for?

Many thanks

Only looking to ship to US for now. Would probably be cheaper for you to source locally

They are mad expensive in EU, each are like 60 - 100 dollars here so its cheaper for him to get used from the US.



Yep thats around 50 dollars for one or 100 for two + 10 - 20 shipping.

I love how these things are advertised as

ā€¢ Highly unstable at high speeds. Do not recommend for downhill skating.

We are basically downhill skating all the time


These are fun under 25mph, downhill guys go twoce that sometimes. I would not recommend these for high speed runs, haha

What he said, definitely not cheaper to source locally

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