[SOLD] 10s2p meepo 1.5 battery and case [PRICE DROP] Now $80!

Located In Texas free Shipping in the US, could ship international extra costs would apply to Buyer

cause shipping

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Hint. Pics

not a stock picture :rofl:


Lol. It’s ok. We are slowly getting there

Oh. And price. And where from. To estimate shipping

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I might be interested - we need pictures though. Does it come w/ Charger?

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I does not come with charger and OK I’ll get another pick it’s 90 dollars and texas

Wow, why so expensive? Is it okay if we give you $90 and Oklahoma instead?


Shipping from texas

Still waiting on real pictures…


I uploaded them

he wants pictures that YOU have taken, not pictures from the website.


I did do a pic

@Harpsaco Don’t lie we can all see the post was edited 22 min ago.

And write to where you can ship and your base price on your post not as a reply they were giving you advice not to annoy you but so you can actually sell the item.


Oops ok I’m stupid

Just give me some offers or I really need 63 tb motor mounts and pulleys if anyone has any

Anyone trade for shred lights

80 USD, Euro or what?

hes from texas…

Does it come with screws?