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This goes for $350 on the CarvON site with a build time of 1-2 WEEKS. Save $50 and don’t wait 1-2 weeks. $300 shipped conus I’ve decided to make all my builds with pneumatic tires after going too slow over a crack and falling for the millionth time. Make my loss your gain. Also, funds from this will go toward the last few parts I need for my Urban Beast build.

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Lol anyone with money :money_with_wings: is asleep :sleeping::zzz::zzz::zzz::zzz::zzz::zzz:

lol earlybird special $290 if you buy in the next 5 hours, but then $10 inconvenience fee for waking me up.

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Lol I’d snipe it now if I had the extra cash lol

what kind of pneumatic build are you thinking? like a mountain board? or the more smaller scaled 5-6in tires? Also if you happened to find some good 5-6in pneumatic tires, mind letting me know? I’ve been trying to find a replacement for my 5in pneumatic as the hubs aren’t spinning very well.

I know @psychotiller designed wheels around that size, so he might be able to hook you up. I’m using 8in pneumatics and my build will be more of a commuter board rather than offroad build (even though it will easily ride off road). It’s kinda like the new Evolve GT carbon. My custom deck is almost done :slight_smile: so I’ll be updating the build thread soon.

aww man :sweat_smile:


buy this so you can compare them to the other hub motors. @paragon hook it up my dude

Lol money to Burn :money_with_wings::fire:

I’ve got a used set of 6" wheels on my green pneumatic build I’ll sell for $260.

how used is used? do you have a picture? I would be interested but I need to know what the condition of the wheels are in first. My current set of 5in pneumatic were bought used and they turned out to be unsatisfactory with the hubs spinning out of sync and tires and tubes all messed up.

It’s a set of the nicest 6" pneumatic wheels you can get. They’re not beat. I made them. Pictures are all over the place.

If he :fire: Burns you on the wheels can roast :poultry_leg:@psychotiller here… I’d grab popcorn to watch the fireworks :tada: Lol😂

Why would I burn anybody? The wheels you had were shit out of the box…I offered up a good deal to be nice. I’ll keep them.

I’ve been wanting those wheels you have on your Green Beast since the 1st pic I saw of them!

$250 with tires/tubes and 2 60t pulleys. They’re yours if you want them.

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Thread = derailed

…hubadubdubdub! Back on topic. I apologize

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Never man … You are in excellent standing… I’m just roasting ur :chestnut::chestnut::chestnut:

Edit: my apologies @psychotiller…I was only joking … Ur def a pillar in the community

Trying to tell one dude Dave to jump on these…I don’t know his call sign here