(SOLD) 2 x FOCBOX UNITY for sale (EU/UK) NEW 300E each

UK SHIPPING INCLUDED (insurance optional at extra actual cost). Can ship to other countries if buyer pays actual shipping costs (I’ll contribute what cost of UK shipping would have been)

Had these delivered this week - can provide original invoices / delivery note etc.

300E each (or UK £260), price is firm.

Originally pre-ordered for other planned builds that are no longer happening (street board and Trampa upgrade from 2wd to 4wd) as I was fortunate enough to get the opportunity of owning a Bajaboard! Now need to pay back the bank manager :wink: Three in the picture, one’s going in the Trampa for a now 2WD build and the other two are surplus to requirements.

Don’t wait until July 2019 (confirmed expected shipping date) for batch 3, these are in hand and will ship within 24 hours of payment.

Payment by Paypal Friends and Family or normal if you pay fees.




I might take one off you. Already have a flipsky 6.6. Decisions, decisions…

Both reserved in the last 30 mins or so but will let you know if either falls through…

Damn, that was fast :slight_smile:

If both fall through hmu

1 left, also reserved for now though but will post again if it becomes available.

Both sold, thanks for everyone’s interest :slight_smile: Chris

Tagging @mmaner :slight_smile:

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