[SOLD]: 2x APS 6374 190kv with sensors


so I have two APS 6374 for sale. I bought them less than a month ago, I am willing to provide the details (invoice) to the buyer since the motors are still covered by warranty by APS.

There is a mistake on their site, the mounting holes are not only 30mm apart but also 44mm These are the motors I bought and then added hall sensors to them, you can see their performance in the video below. They work in BLDC and FOC with no problems. The motors have been used for 3 weeks so they are almost brand new.

I was using them with 18 tooth pulleys so I am willing to sell those too if you are interested. Or I could even get machined pulleys of your choice locally and send you those, that could be arranged. The price for these is 85€ per piece.

If you are interested in the reason why I am selling these: I sold the board that you see in the video but with different motors so now I have these with no use, paperweight.

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PM sent 10 char

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