[SOLD] 2x Selling FOCBOX one for 100€ two for 175€ in EU

Having two new FOCBOX to sell. One for 100€ two for 175€! Bought too many. IMG_9320

email to: [email protected]

PayPal fees and Shipping will also need to be added & please use the PayPal ‘Goods & Services’ payment option to send any payments to myself for the parts advertised. Do not use the ‘Friends Family’ option as this is ‘Not covered by Buyer Protection’ and has recently been brought to my attention that it is actually ‘Against Forum Rules’ to pay in this way. Sending from Austria. Thanks!

The picture is not working.

Fixed, thanks!

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They look like new. Is it an actual picture?

Yes, new. And yes, actual picture. Bought to many when they were on sale.

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hi, my dad wants these! would you take €190 shipped to Sydney 2156 Australia? :blush:

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Shipping to Australia is about 25€. And don’t forget Paypal fees. So thats more than 190

true true, little too expensive. thank you though I’ll pass :slight_smile:

Hmm austria sucks bcs of the customs cost to belgium

Sent PM =)

Both Sold, Thank you!