SOLD -- 60ct Samsung INR-18650 25R -- $215 includes shipping -- US ONLY

These cells are brand new and still in the tiny white boxes. You could build a 12S5P and destroy all of your friends. Here’s the info on them:

These are leftovers from when i was building boards with them. I’m no longer building boards with them, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t still awesome cells. They’ve been sitting in a cool dry storage area for about a month and they’re already getting very lonely. They just need a good home inside a lovely board.

$215 with shipping included. I can have them out the same day. Include your address in the notes.

This is $40 below retail BTW. For brand new cells that you know are good from a guy you love deeply. I annointed each one of them with essence of Skatan.

No they have never been used, or welded, or soldered, or charged or discharged since I’ve had them in my possession.


Ok 8hrs was enough time to give other people a chance…MINE! :grin:

Lucky you. Should be able to pull at least 20% more amps out of them with the power of Skatan. :smiling_imp:

They’ll hold me over till 30T are readily available :wink:

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I just got a paypal notification from somebody. I’ll pack them up this afternoon before i head out to Atlanta.

Congrats on the cells!

oh shit i had a race condition between two people. I’m about to issue a refund on the one that came last.

Looks like @willpark16 took the win. and he also grabbed some heat shrink from me. Looks like he’s building a pack soon.

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Sounds intense

i think i just saw some people fist fighting in the street over these cells. I can’t tell if they’re fighting over who’s buying them or fighting over the appropriate applications for cells with these particular characteristics. It could be either.

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Wait what happened lol

Ok I guess I won’t be so nice next time :imp:


its a cut throat world out there.


Haha that doesn’t sound so good!

Who’s winning, @scepterr or @willpark16 :joy:

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