SOLD: Almost Complete Carvon Evo Build

hey, all I’m selling an almost complete Carvon Evo Build as I want to move on and build another board using belts or DD (Direct Drive) on Trampa. I’ve been rather surprised with the performance that came out of these and am sad to see them go but, since I’m no baller I gotta sell stuff to buy more stuff.

$150 Deck - Landyachtz Evo 2017

$90 Truck - 200mm RKP Truck Kit by SurfRodz

$50 Wheels - ABEC 11 97mm Flywheels

$20 Bearings - (Front) SurfRodz 10mm and (Back) Bones Swiss 8mm

$90 Enclosure - @psychotiller Landyachtz Evo Enclosure w/ display, charging port, and on/off button (one of the wires on the on/off button will need to be resoldered check in the pictures below to see)

$300 ESC - Enertion FOCBOX w/ 4mm bullet connectors for FOCBOX

$600 Motor - Carvon v4.5 Speed Drives (the difference between these and the v4’s is a thicker motor steel cans and flux ring is a lot better and is not present on the v4’s)

$100 miscellaneous things (labor, screws, weather stripping, taxes, etc)

Total: $1400

basically, all you’ll need is your own remote, switch, and battery and you’ll be good to go

gonna be looking for $1400 local (Los Angeles, CA) if you want it and are not local it’d be $1400 plus shipping and fees

here are some pictures below also I linked a couple things 1st being my build post and second linking a discussion about the Carvon v4 drives and some issues people have been experiencing, including myself, however, I seemed to have possibly fixed some of them but am not guaranteeing it






so this comment should give you an idea of what I experienced regardless

I don’t recommend buying these if you want to bomb down a hill and don’t know how to break without the motors

the breaks were not able to fully stop me on super steep hills at speed I was able to go down a lot of super steep hills in SF (San Franciso) at a 5km speed and maintain that speed with full breaks/reverse and easily could run it off and stop the board however if I was going 20km there would be no chance I would just build up speed and have to ride it out


Hell of a deal. Glwts Chris!


would also trade for TRAMPA parts

bump, updated post with price breakdown on how I got $1400 price

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That’s a very fair price!

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Do you want to part with the carvon SDR or you still set on selling as one complete

it sold sorry i’ll update the title

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Bummers…big time I was gonna ask right away…I was watching and seen you were adiment on selling the hole thing …and didn’t see anybody bit the kit and was hoping you were still wanting to off it as a complete…and maybe I could swindle the drives away from you now…DAMMMM GINNA…thanks for the reply

Appreciated, @chris.hunt and stoked for another overbuilt @psychotiller 12S restomod. Interested to see how it stacks up against the Kaly.

Now, if only the mighty @treenutter would come down from his woodshop in the Celtic glade and bless the people with a red•ember “chaotic neutral” Loaded Vanguard alternative, flex 1, 39", pre-routed & drilled with flanged tips to ease carrying… just might have a new daily driver.


@topcloud challenge accepted!