[Sold] Almost new (approximately 50km) VESCX for sale! 100€ worldwide shipping

Hello! :slight_smile:

So I have been wanting to build my own board since I saw it in Casey Neistats video. I found this forum about 6 months ago and I have been looking at the information and all that stuff reviews etc. And I was convinced that I want to use VESC and due to reviews I bought a VESC-X. So now I have a VESC-X for sale. It has like 50 km or something like that on it so it is fairly new. It works 100%.

Reason for selling: I bought it about two months ago and I was so excited because that was the only thing I was missing to complete my build (I was using car ESC before). In fact I was so excited to finally ride the board in FOC mode and all that good stuff I didn’t even check the dimensions. Guess what… It did not fit! BTW: I am building a single drive penny-board sized board with 10S 2P :smiley: So there is no way I am going to be able to fit that in there I have left place for the VESC 4.12 in its standard form and a I had to even separate the 3 electrolytic capacitors because I did not have enough space to fit them all next to each other :smiley: . I was riding the board with the FOCBOX for some time just taped to the board outside of the half way closed enclosure because of wires running out. It was awesome dont get me wrong it is just not looking good so here I am selling it because it is useless pretty much for me. I am not planning on building another board for some time now due to school and what not. I have Ollin VESC 4.12 now and it is just great :3

I would like to get 100 euros which is like 117 USD plus shipping worldwide which is like 5-8 euros and within Europe you get it in one week and outside of Europe you will receive it in two weeks. Preferably via PayPal.

If you want more info or photos or whatever just ask me I will be happy to answer :smiley:

Here are some pics. :slight_smile:

I pmed you

Sorry I did not have time to shoot this short simple video yesterday so here it is. :slight_smile:

About the ABS_overcurrent error: “I forgot to add that the ABS-overcurrent fault was because I thought that that setting is there for me to limit the maximum overall current so I set it to 50 and it kept giving me the fault code.” It is in the description just in case you missed it. :slight_smile: