[Sold] Anyone interested in taking my place in the torqueboard direct drive preorder?

2wd + 110mm wheels at the early promo price ($599kit + $100wheels + $10shipping). ($50 cheaper than ordeing now)

Currently the 90kv, but the order can be changed to 75kv.

This was also a black Friday/cyber monday preorder so theoretically it should be one of the earlier ones shipped.

why are you giving up the kit?

Shipping got delayed to march. Sitting on the other components so want to grab something else so i can start assembling

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Might want to note the kv chosen in case they’re looking for a specific kv


Its currently 90kv but they said i can change to 75kv

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You want it B?



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So you still have this?

Yea, guess ill make another board if no takers

Sell them?