[SOLD] Arc Aileron V2 + Extras, less than 10 miles

[SELL] Arc Aileron V2 + Extras. Located in SoCal (Inland Empire).

I’ve decided to sell my Aileron V2 because I’ve realized that I just don’t care for the feel of shorter boards. I’ve ridden the board less than 10 miles (right around 6-7 miles total).

Here’s how much I’m into it:

  • Arc Aileron V2 with 90mm Wheels - $1,199
  • Pre-Order Discount - -$100
  • Arc 97mm Wheels - $80 (Got these for free. Thanks Arc!)
  • Extra Arc 3A Fast Charger - $65
  • Arc ShredLights Combo (2 Headlights, 1 Tail light) - $58
  • Shipping & Handling - $80

In total, I’m in it about $1,300. I’m willing to let this go for an even $1,000. I’d prefer a local deal, but I’m open to shipping it for the cost of shipping.

Pictures: https://imgur.com/a/Y23WUOm

It might be tough to sell a prebuilt like that for a price so close to retail. Especially here.


Maybe so! I have it cross-posted to Reddit, and the price is OBO. :+1:

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Bump. Updated price. :call_me_hand:

Have you considered selling on reddit? More likely to find a buyer over there.

How many volts is the charger?

@goldrabe I have it posted on Reddit, as well :slight_smile: @b264 They are both 38V 3A chargers. Arc uses a 9s2p battery pack. :+1:

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I want the actual board, toss the rest.

Part it out! Part it out! *chants

@linsus Ha! Sounds like it’d be a pain to part it all out :frowning:

Good luck with the sale brother. Selling complete boards in this forum can be tough I couldn’t get any offers above $1000 for my raptor 2 so I ended up parting it out lol

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Unscrew and rippin things apart is easy, getting it all sold is another matter. Things that are easy to sell:

Board(dibs): 100 bucks min (150 brand new) trucks and wheels+motor and mount, 125 bucks min Battery with bms(unless integrated with esc ofc) and charger (but harder to ship), no idea about the wh of this battery but another 150-200 bucks easly

the enclosure and with esc and remote is a harder sell. And i understand you want your moneys worth since the total is alot higher :stuck_out_tongue: but you know… support your local DiY hub etc !

Price updated one last time, here and on Reddit, before I think about starting to part it out.

@linsus Yeah, I’m not too worried about pulling it all apart - more just the hassle of having to sell all of it separately lol

have you sold? also, what’s the reddit link?

@imdaveho Hey Dave! Yep, still available. Here are the two Reddit links:

  1. https://www.reddit.com/r/ElectricSkateboarding/comments/93t8gd/comment/e4y6xas?st=JLJJFM4B&sh=11e3f6d2
  2. https://www.reddit.com/r/EBoardMarketplace/comments/9aujgs/sell_socal_inland_empire_arc_aileron_v2_extras/?st=JLJJGRB0&sh=a341c3c1

Have you tried the Facebook groups and Craigslist ? You would have more luck there and on reddit and here

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@Jc06505n I have not yet! That’ll be the next step, next week, if it hasn’t sold by then lol :call_me_hand:

Sold and shipped on Monday, September 10 to @imdaveho :call_me_hand:

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