[SOLD] Bajaboard G4X 2018/19 + extras

Czech: https://sport.bazos.cz/inzerat/104114123/Bajaboard-G4X-2019--prislusenstvi.php

For sale in Prague, Czech republic.

Off-road electric board Bajaboard G4X 2018/19. It can still be purchased only in Australia (in EU only older models), so 21% VAT and shipping costs must be added to www.bajaboard.com.au. The set described below exceeded the price of 6500USD incl. VAT, will leave the invoices for the buyer, the board is still under warranty. Now for sale for a half!

I did approx 700Km in 5 months. It has common signs of offroad driving, scuffed paint from metal parts at the bottom, the wheels have a slight margin, while driving is not affected, it will be still OK for about many hundreds kilometers, then can be resolved by new Steering Knuckle per 30USD, in warranty cheaper.

Current prices of the offered items (in the photo, cheap parts omitted):


  • model 2018/19, 4x4 with brutal acceleration 0-50Km/h under 3 seconds
  • My maximum speed reached 62Km/h
  • Optional 900Wh battery (25Km off-road, 35Km on-road, 75Kg driver)
  • Optional LED lighting
  • Basic controller with upgraded battery (800mAh -> 3400 mAh)
  • 2019 metal controller
  • On the controller, it is possible to set a variety of features - traction control, electronic differential, power, acceleration, light intensity, brake force, lock, switch off the front motors, etc.
  • adjustable wheel geometry in all directions
  • adjustable turn resistance
  • Kevlar belts
  • several unused spare parts - gears, belts, components, wheel including inner tube and tire, replacement motherboard controller with display …


  • This is an offroad machine, so sometimes you need to tighten or replace something. Not the case when driving on the road or bicycle path, there is nothing to break.
  • Everything can be replaced, the board can be disassembled into the last screw (advantage over older models) with the basic tools, nothing is molded anywhere, so you can just order a part and replace it in a few minutes.
  • In fact, it is good to replace knuckles, pulleys, belts per several hundred kilometers offroad. Except for the belts, I haven’t changed anything yet.

Asking 3250 USD :wink:

20190501_100307 20190106_125928 20190205_175827 20190216_144229 20190429_214706


That originally cost over $6500 usd!!! Holy s*#%! I could build like 7 good boards or 4 amazing boards. Anyway bruv, GL with your sale! @KaramQ you need this my man, I don’t think I’ve seen you mention a Baja Board in your quiver. Get one boi!


Paid $6500, rode for 700km, selling for $3250. So that board cost you $4.64/km. Hope it was worth it. lol


Yeah, I’m sticking to my teemo board for now, meets my needs

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Of course it was worth it! :slight_smile: I want to make the price attractive and you know, if I don’t have to sell it, I wouldn’t…

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So Baja sold the 2019 Model in 2018 :sweat_smile::joy: seems they ahead in time :sweat_smile:

What you expect the shipping costs are? Or is it included in your price?

Worth this for the parts alone! Sadly no way I can EVER justify a second Bajaboard. (I wonder if anyone has 2 lol)

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It weighs 26kgs Not going to be cheap. Really good deal though

I pre-ordered it in March 18 as 18 version. After some delays, it went in December and its name was edited. I saw somewhere 2019,2018,18/19 for the same version… I will edit it to universal 18/19 :wink:

Shipping is problematic, package would has 35Kg and even original packaging arrived a bit broken and took time to replace some parts. It looks like delivery company can let the package fall down a meter on concrete, even when fragile is written there. So I prefer handover.

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Update: Photo with spare parts details. parts


I’m considering a second for my right foot

This board will now be the Black Forest Machine :smiley:

Gives me more time to read the forum for a DIY and avoid asking questions which are already answered hundred times.