[SOLD] Bajaboard gx4 all wheel drive 4 motors + $800 in extras for sale

As you might know I had a pretty bad accident on my other board and broke 18 ribs. Can’t ride anymore.

IMG_1004 IMG_1002 IMG_1001 IMG_0999 IMG_0998 IMG_1232 IMG_1231 IMG_1230 IMG_1228 IMG_1226 IMG_1224

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Damn what a deal! Sorry to hear that you are getting out

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…but how much you selling it?

@pixelsilva He’s hoping to get as much as possible. Basically going against community sales…oh wait no…that on the good forum…he did the same with a trampa board.

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1 hour remaining… Bid now or forever hold your piece.

Bid and lost! Lol

Sold for $2800 and change. Shipped out today. I’m a little sad. :cry: