[SOLD] BKB 36T flywheel pulley. $70USD shipped in USA

Going from belts to gears. Bunch of extra stuff I no longer use for sale.

Located in Orange County, California. Local pickup available.

Shipped price for US continental 48 states. Thru USPS.

If you have any questions or want more photos please PM.

  1. [SOLD] Marcmt88 Motor mount for TB218mm trucks maybe caliber trucks. Probably older version and it’s the long one. Fits wheels up to 6’’. Purchased in May 2018. Used for less than half a year. With complete hardware and extra ones.110 USD shipped. 2113420713

2 . BKB pulleys Both kegel and flywheel adapter, different tooth. 36T and 40T. Brand new never used, comes with complete hardware.

36T with flywheel adapter 70 shipped.

[SOLD]40T with kegel adapter 80shipped.

I want both of them sold at the same time.

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3 . [SOLD] Two sets of MBS 100mm wheels. One in bad condition. Chipped bad. 15 shipped

Another set in decent condition 30 shipped.

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4 . Two unknown brand pulley from boosted friend. Claimed to be coming off a boosted V2 with MBS 100mm wheels. Not sure what else it fits, unknown teeth. HTD3M. 15 shipped.

[SOLD] One marcmt88 40T HTD5M 16mm wide pulley. 15 shipped.


5 . [SOLD] Enertion Nano-X remote with receiver. Used Once, charging port broke off. Probably an easy fix, but I don’t want to go thru the hassle. 20 shipped.

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6 . Bunch of belts. Either lightly used or new. All 15mm wide HTD5.

2 pairs of 420mm, 1 pair of 430mm, 1 pair of 445mm.

I will throw in a pair if you get anything else. Or 10 shipped for one pair.


7 . [SOLD] 3D printed Meilin X5 taillight mount bracket. Free, you pay for shipping. Old picture for reference.

87227162 1732359435

hmm interested in the nano x, but wouldn’t you think that when the charge port broke off it took the pad with it? im just gonna lurk here for a while

I have no idea. but probably. Charging port was pushed inside while i was trying to plug it in.

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I want the Nano x :grin:

Mannn, 15mins late. Sold to @grrsona

Dang, shouldn’t have started that game of Apex


@370HSSV wanna sell the bkb wheel adapters by its self?

Sorry. I want to sell all of them together. either kegel with 36T or 40T or flywheel with 36T or 40T

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Haha! I am the true Victor!

Don’t you have enough?

Nah I lost like 4 in the past couple weeks

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@ARetardedPillow sticky throttle and dripped em? :sweat_smile:Check telegram, you’ve somehow got me addicted to euc’s

Lol telegram is off limits for me until tomorrow, fuck that


AnYonE? pUlLeYS?

I’ll take the 40T with kegel adapters.

Decided to sell the 110mm wheels as well. Just trying to get what I paid for. 110USD shipped in USA or 100 local pickup. Took off the plastic cover, never mounted.



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I’ll take those Wheels.

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You wanna pick them up? Or ship to you? 4hrs round trip lol.

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Hahahaha. I hate long drives. Now if you live close to @thisguyhere, then I’ll come pick them up!

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Well, that was quick. Wheels are sold.

Now, someone take those pulleys.