[SOLD] Boosted Board Clone For Sale ($650)

I have for sale my Boosted Board Clone. It is a project board and while I’ve logged around 80ish miles, it needs work to become a daily driver. The critical piece to get it running is the battery pack and I just don’t have the time to commit to finishing it up - especially since I built a mini cruiser as my daily driver. Details below:

12S3P LG HG2 (Genuine Cells) battery pack SUPower 60A BMS Antispark on off switch Dual 6355 190kv Torqueboards motors Dual Vanda VESCs Custom printed GT2B remote with receiver Evolve 83mm wheels Real Full Ceramic bearings Loaded Vanguard Flex 3 Vanguard Battery and ESC enclosures from forum member Vanda VESCs Voltage Display 3D printed Gold Metal tailguard

Unfortunately, I commissioned this build to Alex from the whole debacle at AATorqueSystems when he was just starting out and the problems that need fixing come directly from his work. In an effort to be fully transparent with what I’m selling, I’ve listed all of the known issues that I’ve come across.

The battery pack he built was poorly welded, falling apart and had a dead BMS. I bought and wired new BMS and tried making patches but it ended up not holding together. The cells are genuine, as I bought them from a reputable supplier in the US and sent them to him. The BMS had to be shaved slightly to fit in the enclosure but works just fine. Over the few charge cycles, the pack held less and less voltage and now only charges to 46V but cuts out under load. The pack is shot, but I am sure many of the cells can be salvaged and the BMS should be fine. I have hit 29+mph on this board with a non fully charged battery pack.

The wiring from top to bottom could be better but I had to make some more clearance in the battery compartment with the few tools I had. The voltmeter works fine. The on off switch has an led that is spotty but is just wiring. When Alex installed the motors, he stripped every mounting screw. I’m sure you can remove them with glue but I don’t have the patience. The board will work fine even if you just leave the screws in place. I personally worked on the mounting screws for the enclosures to the deck and those turned out great - looks seamless. I also added an layer of weatherstripping to provide some dampening to the enclosures and stops dust from getting inside. One of the drive wheels makes a clicking noise at very low rpm, not sure if its from Alex tightening it too much or if its a motor bearing - doesn’t impact performance at all.

Remote is perfect, and acceleration was insane when the board worked. Braking cut off when stopping hard near a full pack. I tried playing around with vesc settings, but I think its due to the faulty pack. Enclosures are great quality and bought off this forum (remote as well).

All this said I’m looking for $700 (Price updated to $650) for everything and open to offers; the battery I am essentially giving away for free. I spent over $1500 on this build that Alex ruined, but someone with the time and patience can definitely fix this up. I’m located in the Bay Area and would rather not ship but will if it comes down to it. All offers should be the amount I would get after payment fees (i.e. paypal, shipping, etc.) so keep that in mind.

I also have one of the first handful of Torqueboards Dual Freeflows that I’m looking to sell so look for that listing shortly.

I can fix the battery for whoever buys

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This is a good looking build, nicely prices as well. Would’ve bought it if I wasn’t working on a build myself. What deck is it? How long and where is it from?

It says loaded vanguard flex 3

Feel really stupid for missing it now, thanks mate

Updated the price to $650, looking to get this sold

Do you wanna sell parts of it?

If its more than just a single part I’d be open to it. Ideally there’d be others interested in parts too so most of the board can be sold

If you do decide to piece it apart I’d possibly be interested in the remote depending on how much you’re selling it for. That’s a master cho enclosure correct?

Interested in the deck and enclosures, I think I may have spoken with in a different post, still interested in selling?

@jimbosays i’m Interested on both enclosure. Thank you

Would you sell the motors, motor pulleys, and belts?

whole board still for sale?

Is it still for sale??? If so I’m down near you so If you parted the parts out I could grab some Mostly the motors or Vesc

This is sold the whole thing!

Nice 10 char