[SOLD] Boosted Board V1 Dual+ without battery for Sale $200

Alright, guys. So basically this is what happened. My boosted board would go over a bump and then turn off. I then proceeded to open the battery and while trying to take out the BMS, a battery tore and then caught fire. Unfortunate, I know.

Now, I have a Boosted Board V1 Dual+ for sale. $200 bucks + shipping. The motors have 400 miles on it. It also comes with the remote. It also has Red Bones bearings and brand new belts with like 3 miles on them.





This will get snapped up so fast.

GLWS, congrats to whoever gets this for the price


ugh everyone’s in the states! :cry::cry::weary:


I feel you… :joy:
Moved it to the used items for sale section.


Thank you for doing that. Yeh im sorry guys, if there is a way that I can ship to out of US, let me know. It may be possible since there is no lithium on the board anymore, but theres a couple batteries where the motors connect so idk.

Can you post your phone number so i can dm you.

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I sent you a DM

The board is still up for sale. If you live in California shipping is around 30 bucks.

Do you still have it?

What is shipping to 33615? I’ll take it if it’s still available, given shipping is ridiculous.

Im sorry but the board has been sold. If you want to stick around for a couple days, I am going to put the battery and remote up for sale.