<<SOLD>>: BRAND NEW *****CARVON V4 XL***** $699 shipped to USA(PRICE LOWERED)

For sale is my Carvon V4 XL Drive from the group buy. Brand new, never hooked up to power or used at all.

If you dont know, Carvon only did a limited run of the XL model(its a bigger longer motor). If you know Carvon, then you know it’ll take you a long time to get a brand new pair of these. Here’s your chance to get some BRAND NEW Carvons, without the wait.

I’m selling these because I kind of stumbled upon an awesome new hobby called paramotoring(its fucking awesome you should check it out) and all my money is going to that.

I recently got a OneWheel, already have the custom CGT, I have tons of belt drive parts for futre builds and it’s just more economical for me to go that route. These motor have been sitting around long enough and deserve to go in someones build.

I’m asking $750 shipped. I’d like to ship these to USA only(it’s easier for me). If you have any questions feel free to ask.

(Old used wheels, but don’t worry the motors have never been used, just put them on for pictures) (that’s not me in the picture on the paramotor :p) para 20180914_07595920190115_08424420180914_080010 20190115_084253 20190115_084251


There’s a few dudes near my house that paramotor. Any material crossover between this hobby and that?

Pretty much nothing unless I want to takeoff using my esk8 :stuck_out_tongue:


That would be a badass sight. Good luck with the sale!

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I’ll do it for sure. Thanks man. I’m sad to see them go, I had big plans for these motors. But they need to go in someone elses spare no expense build like they deserve :slight_smile:

I almost bought a paramotor 2 years ago but I couldnt bring myself to spend $15k, I’m assuming the price came down since then…

Dammit, now you got me interested again…


I’ve been nerding out for the last 4 weeks on it. It’s about 6-8k for a really nice motor now, and about 3k for a really nice wing(for new stuff). so you can get into the sport for about 6-10k. Maybe a little less if you find a good used deal.

You can find cheaper stuff, but it seems to be junk and not worth it(sound familiar? :stuck_out_tongue: )

EDIT: @JLabs check out Tucker Gott’s videos on youtube and kiss your money goodbye.


Yup yup yup… not cool of you. Black Hawk has a package deal for $8k… ugh


The word on the facebook groups/boards and such is blackhawk is mid/low teir gear, but affordable. Seems the FOC-BOX for paramotors is the vittorazi moster 185

Do you need a lisence for this stuff? Any major restirictions besides flying near airports and stuff

No license needed in the states. You are even allowed to take off at most public airports. You have to follow FAR 103.


Still for sale. Someone make me an offer I cant refuse :slight_smile:

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Price dropped to $800 shipped.

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$750 shipped.


not for kegels. :sweat:im doing a foosted like build. are there adapters for kegel cores?

Pm’d you bro

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@stormboard1 Reply sent!

@tardyparty7 I am almost positive carvon has kegel adapters, you’d have to message them.

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$725 shipped to USA, someone buy these bad boys I cant look at them gathering dust anymore it makes me sad.

Low as ill go, price lowered to $699 shipped. If I get no offers at this price point ill end up making a build with them.


make the build :smiley: