(SOLD) Brand new enertion dual raptor board for sale! $1300 or better offer!

FOR SALE!!! BRAND NEW ENERTION DUAL RAPTOR BOARD!!! 0 MILES! BRAND NEW BATTERY! EVERYTHING IS BRAND NEW!! $1300 OR MAKE ME AN OFFER! I really need to sell this board asap! located in El Paso Texas, USA.

Why are you selling after only one use? Your not now getting the V2.

Greetings, I am interested in purchasing the Board along with paying for shipping. send me a PM when you get the chance!

It’s brand new btw

Yes, hence why Im wondering why you would be selling it.

He was talking about in another thread that he had to pay his classes.

Yes Dedbny, I’m selling it cause I need to pay for my classes. I miscalculated my money and accidentally spent the wrong money. Now i need it back but I’m looking to see if anyone wants it before i return it.

And no, it has not been used. I jusy posted the board in a thread of someone selling one that has been used once. The one I’m selling is brand new, 0 miles.

Are Enertion goIng to take it back. I would have thought they would only do that if defective not for change of mind or you need the money. Anyway good luck.

Oh well thank you for that information, did not know that. As I said, haven’t looked into returning it. But thank you

1300$ ? Would this do

I Pm’d you

Is the board still for sale?

No man sorry, board was sold

Hey man! Just wanted to let you know I received the board and it looks perfect. I can’t believe how insane the raptor is :sweat_smile: Thanks for hooking it up! Happy holidays.

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Hey man I’m glad to hear that! :sweat_smile: hopefully you have fun in that bad boy! And no problem man! Happy Holidays for you as well

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