SOLD: Brand new hummie deck and big ben enclosure. US

I purchase these as a spare or maybe a new build but out of no where the redember 44 finish and ship therefore im selling hummie single hole with big ben single stack enclosure.

220$ + shipping15554491119521361754146032519917 15554491366796537544970006928175


I will eventually cave for this…someone else please buy it first

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@mmaner lol just not double stack

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gotta be a double stack for mine :slight_smile:

Dibs. Pm sent!

Great price.

Mark, u gonna need another battery? Lol


Oh fo sho! Gonna hit you up soon brah. Haha

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Was tough not to :joy:thanks for saving me money :ok_hand:


A friend rode with us this past weekend. He wanted the hummie build so bad vs his borrowed koowheel. Been looking for one since.

It’s a great ride, love my hummie build. Wish we could get one in a 44 tho.


Damn 44? I thought 40 is already too long for me.

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Sold @mmaner can you close this?

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