SOLD Calibers, kegel's, abec 80mm with pulley, Free Deck!

Bunch of items for sale.

Abec 11 80mm with 36T pulley $45 shipped


Caliber 2, $25 shipped

20181126_122917 20181126_122921

Very lightly used kegel, less than 50 miles. $35 shipped SOLD

20181124_195459 20181124_195603

Free Deck! 30’ deck free with any purchase except the calibers. just pay shipping.


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Maybe you should add form where you are selling.

My location is on my profile. But none the less. I’m selling From the US

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Hoodie size?

Large sorry should have added that.

Just makes it more clear to see instantly just a tip no need to do something with it

do you ship to the EU? interested in those Kegels

shipping would be a killer man. i think you would be better off just buying it on amazon or something. How much do they go for over there?

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No problem I understand :smiley: they go for 69 euro and reds are 20 euro so that amounts to 89 euro or 100 dollar.

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How many mAh are the lipo?

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Only if it was a medium size :cry: Been eyeing these hoodie

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Did the hoodie sell?

yeah sorry for the late reply. yes its sold.

Wheels and trucks still available! I will throw in another abec 36t wheel pulley with the abec’s

Are the kegels still available? Is it open to international shipping? Is the deck still up for grabs too? Lol

Yeah they are, but shipping will a bitch and a half. Your welcome to check though. I would be shipping from Atlanta, GA 30084

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About how many miles are on the ABECs?

I don’t know, I bought them used, never eneded up using them cause I bought the Olin board pocas. My guess is around a 100. They are just dirty there’s no chucking on them

any major cuts in the urethane? They could lead to chunks

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