[SOLD] [CANADA] 5x1 pneumatics for sale

I am looking to sell a set of 5"x1" set of pneumatic wheels used around 10km. Tires in great condition and can be pumped up to 85 psi. They do not fit directly on regular longboard trucks but would fit on Torque boards 218mm trucks. They accept standard size skate bearings (22mmx8mm). The hubs are aluminium. I can include bearings if you want. 40USD + shipping (I paid 100USD and waited for a month)

Just for size comparaison

If you have any question I’ll be more then happy to answer them.

Best regards!!

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we need some pics.

I’ll post them in about 2 hours or so

Price droped to $40USD +shipping

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I like the idea of 5in numies, but how do they ride? Have you made pulleys for them?

I made a single pulley but its a 3d printed one in ABS for HTD3M so wouldnt be that great for the new HTD5M “standard”. They ride actually pretty great better than urethane wheels for sure. And offer less rolling resistance than 6x2’s or 8x2’s.

PM me the model for the pulley, if I can rework it to HTD5m I’ll take em for science :slight_smile:

They look like one piece hubs…yes …no

I can send you the reworked scad file if you want

That would be great. I just need the wheel profile, then I can likely redraw it with an HTD5m 42t pulley.

They are one piece indeed