[SOLD] Canada/montreal - Part out/ garage sale Foc boxes vesc 4.12 batteries SK8 motors and lot more

I’m cleaning out all the stuff i do not currently have a use for. Batteries are for local pickup only. All prices in USD without shipping. I’ll be prioritizing buyers that want more than one item. I can reduce price when things are bought in a bundle.

How much for shiping to Poland for the pulley kit?

i also could get the maytech remote and the bt module

Send me your adress in a private message and I’ll calculate the shipping

Could I get the belts?

Is the VESC 4.12 still available?

I somehow still have a 1st gen backfire, I busted the charging socket, do you have that with the charger?

I may also need the BMS


im in montreal can we negotiate for the focboxes

I’ll take the Bluetooth adapter