[SOLD]Carvon Exo Pro Indiegogo orders(0 available)

[SELL] Carvon Exo Pro Model 950 starting price but MSG ME OFFERS. I ordered 6 CARVON EXO PRO’s during the indiegogo campaign and they are just about to ship. I’m not looking to make a killing but if you want one for below retail send me an offer. They come with shred lights as well as being shipped direct from Carvon to you. PM me if you are interested. All transactions through paypal with buyers protection.

Website for more information on the board: https://www.carvonskates.com/collections/boards/products/carvon-exo-pro

You shouldn’t be making anything on these IMHO.

If you speculated to make a profit then I think this is bad taste considering the history on Indiegogo and this website with people doing chargebacks etc.

Just my opinion but open to others views on this. BTW I am also an Indiegogo backer patiently waiting for my one board to be shipped.


Would it make you feel better if he deleted the part about wanting to make money and just said he is selling them below msrp?


No not really, the creator should be making the margin

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Whuh? That’s not how investments work, tho…


The creator already made the margin. They sold 6… to this guy.


Sorry didn’t realise this was a investment bankers website

the word investment doesn’t only pertain to banking… everything’s an investment , build time, travel, life expectancy of a product, etc.


He took a risk ordering these. Whoever buys isn’t taking near the risk.


Originally I was going to do a bulk order to try and resell but the price he wanted for 25 boards was only a little less than what he was asking for on his indiegogo campaign.

Have you ever heard of re-sellers before? Do you think stores shouldn’t make money on the products they sell?


I really don’t understand your viewpoint here. Are you saying no one should invest in anything ever?

OP backed 6 boards at incredible risk to himself. Risk in this case being 6 grand upfront for the possibility of carvon boards which may or may not be desirable anymore when he receives them due to new boards entering the market, etc. Now you don’t want him to even sell below msrp but at the initial cost.

I guess longhairedboy and other focbox vendors should be selling focboxes at the bulk price they paid for them since only enertion is allowed to make a profit off their own product. Srsly where is the logic in this?

I would sort of understand if there was a limited amount of carvon boards but to my knowledge, the more orders carvon got the happier they wouldve been. Carvons aren’t yeezys…


1 down 3 to go.

Bump. If you where considering getting a TD drive why not try it on a Landyatchz deck with a 10s3p 30q battery pack and an esc designed for the motors?

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Only 2 left and waiting to hear back from 2 people interested in purchasing. First come first serve. PM if interested.

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Only 1 board left.


Arrived Today, Thanks!



Too the top! 1 left get it while it’s still available.

All sold! I looked back at the campaign and apparently, I only ordered 5. That means all of them are sold or claimed.

Thanks everyone!

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