SOLD: Combo Focbox and build kit board items

Going a different route so need to get rid of these items. Caliber II trucks, focbox, BKB anti spark switch,6354 190kv motors,15mm pulley,Bluetooth, Motor mount, wheels 97mm, dual heat sink and remote. I can give some more detail but everything is from build kit boards. Selling each set up for $600 plus shipping.



Great kit for someone looking to get into eskate but. Doesent know what to buy, all you need is to add a battery, deck and enclosure! however i think your price is a little high at $600.


What I see here is pretty much is retail prices :confused:


These are estimated prices

Cal trucks - 40 Dual focbox - 220 Anti spark - 25 Dual 190kv motors - 175 Dual pulley - 40 Bt module - 10 Mounts ( no clue) -50? Wheels - 30 Remote - 20

it adds to 610, so it’s high but not ridiculously so 🤷

They look like new products, I can’t tell and nor do I care =’)

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Pretty new with a couple down the block test rides. I also forgot about the heat sink for the focbox.

Yes it is valued correctly at retail price however the parts look lightly used to me.

I 100% agree its a bit high but not craze.

It’s a little pricer on build kit boards website.

You should update your original post, that’s important information for the buyer


I know, but some things on build kit boards can be purchased from other vendors at a lower price. Don’t get me wrong i don’t think this is a bad deal at all but i personally value used/slightly used parts a a bit less then retail.

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I hear what your saying.


I’m not saying anything about anyone who has commented in this thread, I’m just making a general statement

OP, On this forum you’re going to find people who will debated you at every corner possible. Price, opinion, whatever you might have, someone will have something to say about it

Fortunately, you don’t have to listen to them, if you don’t mind waiting. Keep in mind the lower prices go, the more incentive people will have to get them faster. Eventually you’ll have a bite. It’s all about how your cash flow can take it.

E: can’t grammar goodly. I need to get some sleep :joy: