[SOLD] Complete Board for Sale | EUROPE | Dual 6355 190Kv | esk8.de VESC | Space Cell Pro 3

Hey Guys!

I made this build during my time in Seoul and have have now brought it back to Europe. Here is the build log to show used parts in more detail.

NOTE: The Alignment Issues and the Issues with the VESC mentioned in the build log have been solved in the meantime. The board is now fully operational.

Next I will move to China and I won’t take the board with me again so I wanted to see if there is any interest for the board on here.


  • Deck: Olson&Hekmati Basic FD (These guys are actually a local company out of Mainz, Germany, absolutely dig their stuff)
  • Wheels + Bearings: ABEC 11 Flywheel 83mm7 + Bones Bearings Super Red1
  • Trucks: Caliber II 50° ~50€ (slightly used from Ebay new1
  • Mounts: Stealth Motor Mounts from @WSB
  • Pulleys: Wheel- and Motorpulley + Belts (x 4) from @Idea
  • Motors: Maytech 6355 190Kv (x 2)
  • Speed Controller: VESC5 (x 2) from esk8.de
  • Remote: 2.4GHz Mini Remote from esk8.de
  • Battery (+ Enclosure, Switch, Battery control): SPACE Cell Pro 3
  • Misc: Nuts, Screws, Loctide, Truck Risers, Bullet Connectors bought from random stores in Korea


  • There is not more than ~80km on this board
  • Parts are therefore pretty much brand new
  • The Deck has been used before as a “normal” longboard, adding around ~50km just to the deck
  • You will get two additional belts as a backup

My Experience: I am 186cm and weigh about ~100kg. With that in mind the performance of the board is just insane. I have no problems whatsoever in any situation with this setup. To be quite honest I have never tried to go full throttle and probably never will, but I am pretty sure the speed of this board is above 50km/h. This will also take you up pretty much any incline that is around without any major problems. Milage of the Space Cell has been discussed in this forum at length. You can expect around 30km with it. Charging is easily done through a normal power outlet (european style plug).

In regards to transporting that thing from Germany to Seoul and back, I checked the board and took the space cell as carry on without any problems whatsoever. (DISCLAIMER: In no means I want to encourage you to break airline or international rules. I am just giving my personal experience)

I only have two weeks left in Germany, which is why I would like to sell the whole board as is. So anyone who is willing to take the whole board instead of parts will have priority. This could also be interesting for someone who wants to buy the whole thing and then resell the parts individually.

I am looking for around 1000€ for the board but am open for any offers you want to make.

The board can be picked up in person (and test driven if there is interested) in Frankfurt / Germany. Shipping is only possible with ground in Europe because of the Battery Pack

Feel free to let me know if there is any questions I can answer for you.