(SOLD) COMPLETE BUILD | LY Evo | TB 218 | Dual 6374 190kv | 12s4p 30q Bestech BMS | Dual FocBox | Metr

SOLD | Local Pickup in Pacific Palisades, CA 90272 US) | Shipping UPS at buyer’s expense | Not Parting Out

This setup was put together with great care and attention to detail. It has very light use and has never crashed into anything, gone up or down large bumps or rocks. It has only traveled on very smooth tarmac. The torque is insane, and I estimate the top speed to be around 35-40 mph, depending on your weight and how aerodynamic you can be. Going up hills is nothing for this setup, and the belts have never slipped.

Build was completed on October 2018. Please see original build thread HERE for details.

Although I can’t say much about its reliability, being that I have less than 100 miles on it, I have to say that so far it’s been perfect. The belts haven’t lost any tension, thanks to Loctite 243, quality tools and hardware. The battery pack has never been above 50 volts, and never below 41 volts, so it is very well preserved. It rides so smooth, and so fast! You should really be wearing a full face helmet with this. If you aren’t a heavy person, I suggest getting the 32t wheel pulleys from BuildKitBoards.com for some serious top speed.

There are four things I must point out:

  1. The remote needs to be replaced. I spoke with Alex at DIYelectricskateboards.com, and he told me that if you buy a new Nano remote, it will be compatible with the receiver inside the enclosure. Just turn on your new remote, and it will be good to go. However, you’ll end up with a spare receiver because you can’t buy the remote with one.

  2. The motor pulleys make clicking noises. I have posted a video for you to listen. It is only noticeable at very low speeds. Here’s why they click: The set screws didn’t hold the pulleys in place very well, even with Loctite 243. What I ended up doing was putting 2 circlips on each side of the pulleys. Now the pulleys cannot budge, but the set screws are a little loose, so now the keys rattle a bit.

  3. The enclosure bolts near the rear of the deck are a pain to get out. Use Hex Plus tools, and be patient! You shouldn’t have to open it up often though. I haven’t since I started riding it.

  4. The o-rings under the enclosure bolts pop out of the sides of the washers. Might want to consider flat rubber o-rings instead. Not a big deal if you don’t.

  • Condition

    • Odometer
      • 97.8 miles
      • 2208 total Wh
      • 23 Wh/mile (aggressive uphill acceleration)
    • Wheels/bearings - great
    • Belts - very good
    • Griptape - very good
    • Remote - Needs to be replaced. It works, but the trigger can get stuck full throttle
  • Electronics

    • 12s4p battery pack: 30Q cells, 2A charger, E-switch, BesTech 80A BMS, voltage reader, and xt60 adaptor. BuildKitBoards.com
    • (2) Enertion Focbox
      • (2) Focbox Sensor wires
      • VESC CAN Bus Connector
      • Male to Male Servo connector
    • Metr Pro Bluetooth Module
    • TorqueBoards Nano remote control
  • Drivetrain

    • (2) TorqueBoards 6374 190kv motor
    • (2) Enertion Motor mount (Carbon/Aluminum)
    • (2) 15t 15mm Motor Pulley
    • (2) 36t Flywheel Modular Pulley (BuildKitBoards.com)
    • (2) Jason 270-5M-15 Synchronous Timing Belt
  • Skateboard

    • Landyachtz 39” Evo Deck
    • Abec11 Superfly 107mm wheels
      • Bronson G3 Bearings
    • TorqueBoards 218mm Trucks
      • Front

        • Khiro Angled Wedge Rail 5 Degree dewedge
        • Baseplate from 44° Caliber II
      • Rear

        • 3d printed cable management riser
      • Hardware

        • M5 x 0.8 Flat Head Socket Cap Screws 45mm
        • M5-0.8 / 5mm - Nylon Insert Hex Lock Nuts
        • M5 / 5mm - Metric DIN 125 A Flat Washers
        • M5 BLACK Anodized CNC Billet Aluminum Finishing Washers
      • Bushings (Riptide):

        • Caliber II pivots 96a front and back
        • Front- KranK Canon / Canon 87a
        • Rear- Krank Canon / Magnum (roadside)
  • Enclosure

    • Big Ben Fiberglass Enclosure
      • 20mm / M4 x 0.7 - Flat Head Caps Screws
      • m4 anodized cup washers
      • m4 self-tapping wood inserts
      • Silicone O-Rings 5/32" ID X 9/32" OD
      • Weatherstripping (B shape)
  • Extras

    • Loctite Blue 243
    • Neoprene 1/8" thick sheet
    • Dow Corning 737
    • 5.5mm & 3.5mm Bullet Connectors
    • 12AWG Silicone Wire 2m (Red & Black)
    • Nylon XT60 Connectors Male/Female
    • Other random things like the above.

Items included:

Electric Skateboard 2A Charger Skateboard Stand (Guitar stand)

Motors running. Clicking sound is the motor pulley key. The set screws may have barely loosened, but are held with loctite 243 so they won’t back out. Instead, C-clips are holding the pulleys in place, so you could remove the set screws and still be secure.

Wheels, bearings, trucks, and enclosure are in great condition.

Power switch, charging port, and battery capacity display.

Belts look great. Never skipped a tooth! Only had to tension once and they haven’t loosened a bit.

Griptape looks practically new. (Could use a litle cleaning though)

Charger and Remote

Metr App Screenshot Metr is connected to the Metr Pro module and showing some stats. Ignore the total hours… I’m not sure where it pulled those numbers from.


super nice build man, glws


Forget to post price?

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Nice build, hate to see you sell it.


Thank you. I don’t want to sell it, but business is getting intense (focusing on that), and my fractured clavicle / AC joint separation is going to take a while to heal. I hate staring at the board in this state. Open to offers, but not desperate to sell.


Open to offers right now. I might put a price later.


Sorry to hear about your injury!

It’s cool to see this come from the planning stage to fruition. Asked on build man, would hate to see it go!


Really nice build Greg I empathize with you as my clavicle is not attached to the Acromion at the moment because of a riding fuckup on my part…

Best wishes whichever way it turns out for you…


Shame to have to sell this beauty. I would sell one of my kids before selling mine. In fact if you were in aus I would be seriously considering making an offer. Good luck with the sad sale.


Thank, Jared. Yeah, the injury really sucks.

I can say that the build is just as fun as riding it, in its own way. There is an adrenaline factor in riding it that really became what I was looking for every day. I guess a lot of people like to cruise around, but I was always looking for an opportunity to go fast for some reason. I’m not like that in cars, only with this thing!

Thanks, Mark. I hope you recover well too.


I didn’t think I would be selling it either, at least not so soon. But someone else can enjoy it. Someone responsible. I considered putting it on eBay or Craigslist, but I think that the skateboard is too fast for the average consumer, or that they wouldn’t understand how much quicker it is than a typical Amazon purchase.

I’d love to make you an offer. Please contact me!

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Price now listed at $1600

I just uploaded a screenshot the end of my first post of the Metr App while connected to the Metr Module. Please ignore the incorrect “Ride Time”.

Still available!

I still have it! I occasionally go to San Diego, so that is a possible delivery area for me.

Price reduced - $1550

I will ship this via UPS ground. Buyer covers shipping.

Sold! Thank you everyone for checking it out, and I hope the new owner has a lot of fun with it!