[SOLD] Dead boosted board v1

Hey guys, so my boosted boards battery died over the winter when I had it in storage. I’m pretty salty at the limited options I have to fix it, so I’m just looking to sell it as is. Has a little less than 400 miles on it. I did try the treadmill trick with no luck.

It comes with the charger, remote, and board. The battery case was opened to test the battery. Esc and motors should be working fine.

Taking offers. I don’t really want to part out unless if I can sell everything.

IMG_20190311_221917 IMG_20190311_222001
IMG_20190311_222258 IMG_20190311_222341 IMG_20190311_223217

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will you ship to Sydney Australia 2156 nsw? I’ll take it for $400aud

(anyone reading this i got first in :wink: )

shipping kills you every time. :rofl:

Shipping to Sydney would be like $150usd. I think that kinda kills the deal for either of us. :pensive:

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i cant win can i :joy:

problem is that when us Aussies do get something, we don’t wanna sell it because we treasure it so much :joy:

Any possibilty to ship to the EU?

Same question, shipping to LATVIA?

Can’t you just replace the battery?

Boosted v1 has a non replaceable battery. The bms interacts with the esc, so you also can’t stick any other battery on there.

Couldn’t you replace the battery and ESC? Even just a cheap Chinese $50 esc

Yeah, that’s what I was thinking but I don’t really want to spend time messing with it.

Shipping to Latvia would be about $100, but I could ship it there. PM if that sounds alright.

Sorry, not interested, but you really could change the battery to 10s2p 30q, buy cheap Chinese ESC and make a bigger buck from the board

@mmaner 10char

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