(SOLD)Dual 5055 Kit with 83MM wheels

Hey im selling this, used for around 3 months but im just trying to get something for it, if your interested shoot me an offer.

Comes with bone reds and bones medium bushings installed. I also have the pulley cover.

IMG_20190110_181221 IMG_20190110_181234 IMG_20190110_181249 IMG_20190110_181716

Where did you get the parts from, and how much are you thinking for it?

I got the kit from @dickyho im not really sure how much to sell it for, lets talk in dm’s


Item sold please close the topic.

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I know these are sold but what else would I have to buy to get something like this working with a Meepo Sanyo battery?

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any drive kit? batteries are universal as long as the voltages work with the parts