[Sold] Dual Diyeboard/Meepo 90mm hub motors (EU)

Hi there, I’m offering my dual DIYeboard 90mm hub motors (including truck). They are 3 months old, used a lot but still perfectly fine. When free spinning they shutter at full throttle from 0 but in normal use they work fine. in BLDC mode they are working perfectly so I think its a FOC issue. I will get the MAD hubs from the GB mostly for the looks, these are a bit too bulky for my liking. The performance of them is great. I used them with the 1.1 ESC from diye until it died and after that with flipsky ESCs (VESCs) and a 10s3p battery, top speed is 36-38km/h (75KV).

Price is 70€ for the motors and truck plus shipping from Germany.

hub_motor_spare_pu (Spare PUs not included, I sold them seperately)

Greetings, Michael

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whats the wattage on them?

2x500W, max current is 50A according to diyeboard (http://www.diyeboard.com/replaceable-pu-dual-hub-motor-9055mm-500w2-power-truck-kit-p-671.html) I mostly ran them at 40A.

Sold :slight_smile:


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