SOLD - Eboosted Landyachts Evo 39'' Enclosure for Sale - New

I’ve got one of @Eboosted Evo enclosures for sale. This thing is beautiful; it just wouldn’t work for my build, because I mount motors in the front, which collide with this enclosure design.

It’s brand new, never mounted. I paid $125, plus $20 for his custom gasket seal, plus $30 for shipping from Peru.

Looking for $125 + $15 shipping in CONUS. I’ll ship it out the business day after payment has been received.


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4wd on ronin, nice. Which enclosure are you going to use instead?

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@psychotiller evo, with magnets :sunglasses:.



Good deal, I got a similar 4wd set up and my inward mounts did not work with this enclosure but I did the opposite I kept the enclosure and got reverse mounts lol. I needed the enclosire cause it was the nicest one I could find that could fit a 12s8p on an Evo deck.


Bump: MInty Eboosted Evo Enclosure still for sale!

Stupid Question Here: Do the clamps help alot when drilling through?

Like do you just clamp it on there and drill in your insert and its perfect?

@Jc06505n – So, what you’re seeing in that picture is me clamping my psychotiller enclosure down, because I’m using a heat gun to mold it to the deck, more precisely. I’m doing that because I’m not using screws at all. The screws would have applied enough clamping force, on their own, to flatten out the enclosure and make a good seal. I’m using magnets, on both board and enclosure, and I need them to line up, with no gap.

However, I bet clamping first then drilling could be a great way to do that, because it’d flatten the enclosure flanges out more.

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Bump for the Evo enclosure

Paging new Evo builders…

Still got it

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I know this post is old but would you be able to tell me the internal dimensions of the enclosure???