[sold] Emtb wheels+ pulleys [europe]

I can’t see the day i start this build so i will let them go 4 wheels 200x50 with cnc’d adaptors and 72t pulleys(steel) just tested a few times IMG_20181112_175210



IMG_20181112_175408 if you need the belts i will give you those.

if you don’t have a mtb i have a brand new one not really for sale but could be negotiated. IMG_20181112_180123 I want 120 euros+ shippings for the wheels+pulleys. If you need it all make an offer.


Will u ship to Texas? If so how much for the wheels with shipping to 77536?

i can. The shippings will not be cheap tho. I’ll check

Yea I wanna see if it would be worth it or not and shipping will be the determining factor

do you know the max rpm for the wheels? i might take them for a goped

no clue brotha

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That deck which is not yet for sale, may I know what brand it is and where I can find one like that. Or How much are you looking to get for it?



Thanks, 90cm long. how does it feel under your feet? I am looking into MTB but I am short (170cm) and I am afraid the popular offerings have too wide a stance for me. Sorry for the off topic.

Under my feet? It’s brand new never used. I have no idea

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they feel awesome, flex like a tight snowboard. had one…


What hubs are those?

Scrub. Those pulleys are specific for those hubs. I guess many chinese wheels use the same shape.

Are scrub wheels compatible with trampa or mbs?

No, not exactly the same screws pattern. They are compatible with the real dirt board i posted and most chinese wheels. Btw price drop time. They have to go. NEW PRICE 80 euro wheels+pulleys.

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Interested. Where do you ship from?

The sunny Spain


Olá, muito interessado neste artigo. Are you still wanting to sell these? 4 wheels with pulleys? Looks nice. Please say something ermano (Portugal here) where the sun is shining too

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Count me in! They’re gonna look great on my MBS Comp 90.

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I sent you a private message. Did you see It?

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