SOLD [EU] 10S LiPo Charging Brick for Sale 25€ (incl. shipping)

Hi, selling my unused 10S (42V) LiPo Charger I got from a Groupbuy a few weeks back, since there was a misunderstanding and I was looking for a 12S Charger instead.

  • EU standard Type C Wall Plug (240V AC90 Input)
  • Safe 2A Output Charging
  • 5.5mm/2.1mm Charging Plug
  • With Cooling Fan
  • 1 Indicator LED: Red (charging), Green (fully charged)
  • Model Number: NT-XNY-002
  • Location: Central Germany
  • Payment over Invoice/Paypal, just PM


Hi I am interested in a 42V charger, do you still sell it? :slight_smile:

Ah sorry you are a bit late. :frowning: Should have updated the topic…

I got it from a recent groupbuy of @ajaynagra

Okay, no problemo! Thanks anyway :slight_smile: Can’t seem to find a decent charger in Europe to a decent price :confused: