SOLD - [EU/Germany] NEW for sale: Li-ion Charger 10s 5A & Bestech BMS 10s 80A

I’m selling my 10s charger and 10s BMS, as I’m switching to a 12s setup. Both items are brand new and have never been used. It would be easiest to ship to Germany, but any EU country works.

Tracked shipping to Germany is 4,99 €, EU shipping 8,89 € (tracked 13,99 €).

Li-ion Charger 10s 5A

Specifications: Case material: Aluminum Power: 240W Output voltage: 42V Output current: 5A Dimensions: 17x8.5x4.5cm Working power: 220Vac, 50 ~ 60Hz (with European plug) Plug-type: XLR

Bought from here (paid 52€ + tax):

I would like to sell the charger for 45€.

Bestech HCX-D596 Li-ion BMS

Specifications: Voltage: 42V Maximal continuous charging current: 70A/50A Maximal continuous discharging current: 70A/90A Size (LWT): L120mmW80mmT20mm with E-switch

More details here:

I got this BMS from the group buy organized here (paid 67$):

I would like to sell the BMS for 50€.

I will send you a pm.

I’m interested in BMS. PM

PM sent Interested in the Charger

Both items are sold.