SOLD [EU/NL] New Raptor 2 for sale (latest Batch, unopened)

Enertion Raptor 2 for sale, brand new, delivered 11-10-2018. Box is unopened.

Comes with extended warrenty (11-10-2020)

Asking at least 1200 euros for it. (I paid 1231 euros for it over a year ago.)

I live in the Netherlands and shipping would be on the buyer.

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Are you sure that warenties are transferable? @carl.1 if so id consider taking it off your hands.

Yes as long as you have an account on their website it should be transferable. @carl.1 could you please confirm this?

Reason for selling it without any use: bought it over a year ago, got delivered last Thursday. In the meantime I got married, bought a house. And I’d rather use my dyi for now and buy extra furniture. :wink:

I wounder how a parted out raptor 2 would sell,

Some would buy the motors, Others would buy the Q30 10s4p pack, Others could buy the deck, and then others would buy the 2 focboxes that come with the raptor.

Parts sell pretty well. I parted one out a while back and thinking about parting out a second one soon :joy:

I might be interested in truck+motors Evil_Patrick

Everybody want those hub motors :smile:

Even though they have 1001 issues

Definitely worth more separated than complete.
@moon if you run it at suicide mode all the time and are a heavy guy flying up steep hills then they get hot and there is not a hub motor out there that doesn’t. Try not to run off topic when this guy is trying to sell his board.


These are the revised version (new style) with only 25 miles on them.

With the good urethane?

I have a board from that same batch and can confirm mine has the silver motors with 10 mm axle’s that sits flush on the hanger.

The urethane is softer (feels better) than the urethane from January 2018 which I owned. So yes, new improved formula.

Edit: oh wait you’re asking FranciscoV who’s doing a hostile takeover in this sell thread :joy:


:joy::joy::joy:. Noooo. I’m not selling anything yet! I’m thinking about it but haven’t decided yet! My bad. Didn’t mean to take over this thread!! Happy sale brother @Dexstro :+1:t3:

No problem mate, hope I can sell it soon. 1200 euro is a fair price right? Or should I expect a bigger loss? I know someone who sold one a while ago for a lot more.

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price is right in the ballpark Good luck with the sale. Hopefully someone will appreciate what you have and buy it soon👍🏼

@Dexstro, if you ever consider parting out, let me know about drive train

That’s to much of a hassle for me right now. Very busy at work and with the new house. So I’d rather wait and sell the whole board at once. :sweat_smile:

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They are transferable, both parties need to contact support.

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