[SOLD] Evolve Carbon Gen 2 Deck and Enclosure

Used Evolve Gen 1 deck for sale with enclosure. There are cracks at three corners and possibly front, pictured below. Some blemishes and scrapes as pictured. Some of the mounting holes need to be reinforced but otherwise, great platform for a long range carbon fiber cruise esk8 missle.

Can fit 60 cells with BMS and dual esc comfortably possibly 70/72 (10S/12S) if you run without a BMS.

Heatsink not included.

Looking for $175 shipped (US 48 states). Sold as is.

IMG_6539IMG_6545 IMG_6540IMG_6543IMG_6544IMG_6541IMG_6542


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60 cell capacity

Trade for a Raptor deck? Lol

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Price reduced to $225 shipped.

There are cracks in three corners of the board. It looks like they are along where the seams are for top and bottom halves. Everything still lines up, just becomes aparent under load. Some strong, non-expanding epoxy resin should bond everything back together but I’ll leave it to someone more experienced.

Do you have a photo of the cracks?

Tough to photograph, it’s more along the seam than an actual crack in the fibers. I’ll see what I can capture

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Corner 1 image !

Corner 2 image !

Corner 3 image !

Front image

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Now $175 shipped (US 48 only), no heatsink, sold as is.

You gonna buy more decks when you finally sell the three you got up? lol

Haha no, probably list a few more.

I’ve got about 12 decks and/or completes right now. Need to thin that down to like half and resist the urge of some of the new decks coming out. :cold_sweat:

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How did the cracks happen, did it suffer from car syndrome or is it just showing its age?

I really went to re deck my riptide. Just cant pull the trigger on a deck

No clue, it doesn’t look like a car incident as the outside finish is pretty good. I think it was primarily used in street configuration and ridden like it was supposed to have been. I got it second hand.

It looks like it separated on the seam so my thinking is that a strong, non-expanding, epoxy could be injected to secure everything back together. It only shows the cracks under load. Unloaded everything lines up perfectly.

The evolve deck is probably a bit big for what you are looking for, however, if you like a stiffer deck or your enclosure can’t flex, I’d recommend the truncated tesseract. Really nice board.

If you like a little more flex, the 34" landyachtz I have is awesome.


I really like that deck. Its pretty much what im looking for. Was wanting some kicktail tho.

Cantellated Tesseract is similar with a kicktail but they made the nose of it a little fatter so it doesn’t quite have the same look as the Truncated.

I originally picked up the Truncated because it has the longest wheel base of any 33" deck I could find, compact and was on the stiffer side but didn’t feel dead like some other boards that feel like you’re riding a solid piece of wood.

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$150 shipped

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