[SOLD] Evolve ESC, BMS, Enclosure, battery

GT ESC latest gen -125USD

GT BMS latest gen -70USD

Bamboo GT enclosure good condition -20USD

Evolve GT 10ah battery -20USD (more than 100 charges)

Buyer pays PayPal fees and shipping. Located in San Diego. Lower 48 only… CONUS may be possible pm me. 7bbf2dc3c542da487032d0466a3c055cae6709c5_2_750x1000.jpeg 3596b8be012f46946d733e9b9f9643fef9fa6f67_2_750x1000.jpeg ef5f344826f18f753293d03b0114bc0f4912911c.jpeg

The bms case and battery is it still available ?

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All sold sorry mate