Sold...Evolve GTX for sale 650 US

GTX AT for sale bought one year ago january 2018.It has a few scratches on it two remotes r1 & r2 works fine, both board and remotes.Needs new tires comes with tubes.$650 plus shipping have all the origional packaging.

This was my 1st electric skateboard and i love the turning radius really an awesome board I rotate between this and a custom trampa moutainboard.But I need money to add things to my trampa just looking to see if anyone will buy20181105_153535


Might want to add where your located…



If you part out I’m interested in the wheels and motors

Your profile is missing your country.

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Based in US of A, according to his silently refreshed profile… Lol

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#StalkerStatusAchieved! (from when he posted this back a few months ago)

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Any longer between the last listing and this and I would ask for newer pictures :thinking:

Unless it’s been completely unridden since then?

20190422_195247 This was riding all on gt hitting 24mph several times kicked me to eco and I stopped

yesterday riding it once more till i sell it had a flat havent rode it in a month

You have to upgrade the speed controller, evolve does it for free, happened to mine and Brandon from evolve us fixed it for me

What u mean upgrade?

It’s like some programming stuff, it fixed my problem though

It funtions nomally what was yours doing?

So are you selling it?

Went from got mode to eco

Dropping to eco mode was a safetly feature so you don’t overdraw current and drop below the voltage threshold. I’m still selling. I just wanted to ride it one last time. It’s hard to let go.

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Still for sale? I’m also in the southeast US and interested.

He never responded. I think it’s sold already

Still available.