SOLD! Flipsky 4.20 dual for sale ā‚¬100plus shipping EU SOLD!

For sale dual 4.20 flipsky. Works on 10s not 12s unless you go less than 30amps.


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Is this not the same, if not more expensive than a new one bought and shipped directly from Flipsky? $159USD new plus ~$20USD shipping. Please correct me if Iā€™m wrong in this.

Maybe for you guys. I had to pay 21% import charges so it is more expensive for us.

still for sale anyone? what would you want it for? it is a good little 10s esc

A good review from @mmaner with a 10s setup.


Dropped price to ā‚¬120

Why sell it? Just an 8s board

I have no use for it. 12s rider only.

To each their own

Still here for 120 euro. No one that wants a cheap dual? I am losing money here.

Dropped price to 100eur

Sold sold sold.