(SOLD) FOR SALE: $100+shipping purple kegels (set of 4) and 2x DIY kegel pulleys 36T 9mm

Selling the above items. All brand new never been used. The wheels have touched the ground but never went riding with them. Selling them as I switched to abecs. Drive pulleys have been loctited and calibrated. Shipping from San Francisco, CA.

Seems like 9mm pulleys?

Yep, mentioned it in the title

Price reduced to $100! Will Sell individually if requested.

Kegels: $50 Drive wheel pulleys: $25 each

do you still have these and what size are the orangatang

Kegels are 80mm, there are no other sizes, only different duros, and yep still have all of it!

bump, still available!

Lol omg didn’t think this was gonna be a tough sale

no love for purple kegels :cry:

Perfect for the Joker themed builds! :grin:

This is a great deal. Surprised no one took them yet.

Would you sell 2 kegels? for $25

Sorry, I think it’d be too hard to sell the other two so I’m only selling the Kegels as a set of 4. If you need them you should pick up the set so you have spares!

Hey Jinra, Just don’t have the money. This is random but im brand new to the electric skateboard scene. Mind if i ask you a few questions?

If they were orange I would buy the other two.

Purple is the new Orange

Sure? PM me

No love for purples! :cry:

I’m doing an orange and black themed build, but yeah, no love for purple right now.

In Loving Memory of the Man Formerly known as PRINCE…that would sell these bad boys.

Not going to lie just spen 10 mins trying to figure out how to pm. Still did not succeed. Haha can you tell me how?