SOLD For sale (EU): 36V(42V) 4A Battery Charger |&| 36V(42V) 5A Battery Charger

For sale:

36V(42V) 10s 4A Battery Charger (Aluminum housing) - XLR For: 25 eur

36V(42V) 10s 5A Battery Charger (Aluminum housing) - XLR For: 30 eur

I’m located in Utrecht, the Netherlands (Europe). Used only a couple times because of my new Trampa build.

What would post be to the UK?

Damn if only it was in the us


I’m interested in the 4a one. How much to ship to canada? Cheapest way possible.

5A Shipping to spain?

  • € 25,95 via PostNL (incl. tracking).

I’ve got someone now for the 5a one. 4a is still available.

Is there an option for cheaper shipping without tracking? Shipping is almost as much as the asking price!

@Yecrtz I’d take the 4A charger pending shipping quote.

would you mind posting up a link to where you got these? i’m assuming they are cheap since your selling them for so cheap. share the wealth :wink:

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I got them from some electronic and battery stores through Aliexpress.

Both chargers are claimed as of this moment