(Sold) FS: 10s3p Samsung 30q 9.0Ah for Sale with fast charger and LCD(x2)

I bought 3 battery packs and am selling 2 at cost. 1 went to my build, and have the other 2 for sale as I had to buy at least 3 through my business account.

BrandNew and unopened: Samsung 30q 10s3p + BMS Insulated and PVC packed 4A Fast Charger (3hr charge time) LCD screen

$212 + $8 shipping (USA)

Dimensions: 232mm x 138mm x 40mm![21%20AM|690x408] Build date: Oct 30, 2018 Built by Matrix Batteries





Well here are some stats:

I rode 12 miles today and only used 160wh which took 42% of the battery. So i should get 20+ miles on the battery pack. I cant complain, was hella nice out and a great ride!

6354 motor single 16/36 gearing 83mm wheels


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if i was in the market id say good price for a pack thats ready to roll!

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Thanks. I was trying to pass along the savings to the forum. Hopefully someone will buy them, or i just screwed myself trying to be helpful :frowning:

Come with special TSA approved extra stickers for your sticker book collection.

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Might just be bad timing. I’m broke fron black friday


What is the wheelbase of that board?

Its a landyatz dingy if I remember correctly

Oh I think it’s this at 18" minimum

If these are floating around a week or two from now I might have to scoop em :slight_smile:

I’d wait 2 weeks and these will probably be gone, most have just spent a lot on BF


Yes, that’s the exact one. 18"



TSA test coming soon…


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It will fail, 99wh max. 50% chance you can get it through though due to TSA negligence.

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That feel when the TSA is better at catching skateboard batteries than legit guns


TSA literally asked me “why are you carrying that and not riding. They used to ride the hoverboards in the airport, we dont care”

Didnt even look at battery either Battery was removed in my bag and they never checked



Hi, still available?

So you can travel with them ?

160wh is actually the max. 99wh is max for unlimited amounts. You can bring two that are 160wh max

*with airline approval

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One is left

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